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We're passionate about strategy, every facet is a step along the journey to success. We work with our clients to build strategic solutions that are both innovative and sustainable.

trust the experts

We're here to help you make key decisions, big or small. You'll be backed by our expert advice, guidance and experience. At Black Box we hone in on every facet of strategic planning, from start to finish.

build confidence

We live in uncertain times. Now, more than ever, scenario modelling is crucial to long-term success. We perform stress testing for shocks, supporting our clients by building probabilistic models to build confidence.


About us

We are a strategy focused consultancy that builds, stress tests, refines and supports the execution of market leading strategy across a broad spectrum of industries. With experience that spans the globe, our aim is to bring certainty to uncertain times. Our holistic approach to strategic planning considers every aspect, from every angle, to craft a solution that is unique to our clients needs; from the initial consultation, through to a post mortum.

Black Box Strategy
Black Box Strategy


confidence is key

We don’t take shots in the dark. Here at Black Box we will work with your teams to build models that not only crystalise our thinking, but also build confidence in the strategic approach. Further, we plan for variability and build contingent plans, allowing you to execute with relative certainty during periods of change.


Black Box Strategy Counsel

Strategic Counsel

The most valuable service we provide our clients is counsel. Black Box offers a retainer program that allows C Suite executives and corporate leaders to discuss and evaluate options outside of the project process.
Any time – Anywhere.
Black Box Strategic Planning

Strategy Planning

Whether it’s the annual planning process, a response to a change in market dynamics or new leadership, Black Box’s proprietary strategic planning model helps companies build great strategy. Our bespoke strategy workshops bring your team together around one crystalised vision – setting you up for a successful execution in the long run.
Black Box Decision Analysis

Decision Analysis

Variables exist. Black Box utilises internal models to support leadership in making key decisions. From analysing alternative decision costs through to confidence estimates and probability analysis, we have you covered.
Black Box Competitive Mirroring

Competitive Mirroring

Great strategy is not built in isolation. Your competition is out there, and they are hungry for your share. At Black Box we know this and utilise competitive mirroring to support your planning process by evaluating what the competition will do, or how they will respond.
Black Box Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution

Once the strategy is built, we continue to  support you with the execution over the long term. We will operate as your execution partner – building capability within your organisation and transferring knowledge so results will be bedded in for the future.
Black Box Post Mortum

Post Mortem

In the event something doesn’t go as planned: a major initiative or project didn’t generate the required returns, or you didn’t win that tender you went for, we can help. We operate a proprietary, impartial post mortem service where we will analyse your planning, execution and outcome to make sure you retain essential insights and learnings.